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About Us

Welcome to Ocean Discovery Education! We are dedicated to fostering a deep love and appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants among the young learners of Perth, Western Australia (Whadjuk Country).

Our primary goal is to inspire children to care for the marine environment and become passionate advocates for its future protection. Through our engaging incursions, we provide an immersive and educational experience that leaves a lasting impact. 

At our marine education sessions, we bring the wonders of the ocean directly to you. We arrive with live marine animals, ocean treasures, fact sheets, artefacts and snorkelling equipment to create a truly memorable and interactive learning environment. By blending scientific knowledge with fun-filled interactions, we ensure that children gain a deeper understanding of marine life and develop a genuine connection and sense of responsibility towards the ocean. 

We believe that educating and empowering the younger generation is essential for the future of our marine environment. Through our incursions, we aim to strengthen the sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for the ocean that encourages children to take action and become advocates for our fragile marine environment. By equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need, we hope to inspire a lifelong interest in the oceanic world and commit to its protection and conservation. Join us on this exciting journey to discover the wonders and beauty of the ocean! 

Our Vision

To provide captivating ocean education experiences that inspires children, ignites their curiosity and promotes interactive learning. We harness the power of education to cultivate a deep appreciation for the marine world and empower young learners to protect our amazing ocean environment. 

Charlotte Krause with her dog on a boat

About Charlotte Krause

Founder & Lead Marine Educator at Ocean Discovery Education
B.Sc (Marine Biology & Zoology)  DipEd (Science & Mathematics)

The ocean captivated Charlotte’s imagination since her childhood. It initially fuelled her desire to become a mermaid until this fascination evolved into a pursuit of scientific knowledge, environmental advocacy and underwater adventures.  

This allure was cultivated on countless weekends at her Grandparents house along Myalup beach and an awe-inspiring trip to the Great Barrier Reef as a teenager. These early experiences sparked her enchantment with marine life and motivated her to pursue her passion by studying marine biology and zoology at the University of Western Australia. Seeking to broaden her impact, she pursued postgraduate studies in secondary education, specialising in Science and Mathematics. 

Charlotte obtained her scuba diving licence and embarked on aquatic adventures along the WA coastline, exploring destinations like Rottnest, Ningaloo, Esperance and Bremer Bay. Her quest for marine wonders led her to dive and snorkel in renowned locations worldwide, such as Tanzania, Egypt, Fiji, Vanuatu, Malaysia and the Caribbean. 

After six rewarding years as a teacher, Charlotte is combining her expertise as an experienced educator with her profound passion for the marine world and ocean conservation. Driven by her commitment to provide interactive, authentic learning, this business is the realisation of Charlotte’s lifelong dream. Her aim is to inspire future generations to appreciate, protect and advocate for the protection of our precious marine environments. 

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