Ocean discovery education

Early Childhood

Our engaging early childhood programs cater for toddlers, Kindy and Pre-Primary aged children. Our objective is to cultivate an early fascination and affection for the ocean among our youngest audience, by introducing fundamental concepts and igniting their curiosity about the sea.

During our session, we will discuss intriguing details about various ocean creatures, exploring their habitats, survival strategies and the importance of safeguarding both their wellbeing and the marine environment.

corals under the surface of the ocean

Ocean Explorer

Our youngest audience can participate in this concise program that focuses on an interactive, exploratory introduction to the ocean! We talk about where animals live, how they survive, how they eat, what eats them and what their job is. A touch-and-feel session with the animals, artefacts and equipment is included.

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pink jellyfish in aqua water

Ocean Hero

The ocean hero program delves into a deeper understanding of the biology of marine creatures and how they connect with the oceanic environment. We also introduce the topic of conservation and discuss how we can help protect the ocean. A touch-and-feel session with the animals, artefacts and equipment is included.

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Ocean Discovery Education Reviews

My class was very engaged as Charlotte shared her in-depth knowledge about marine habitats for the 'Ocean Adventurers - Big Blue Sea' program. The children were able to touch and hold the sea animals, amazing shells, shark jaws and coral. I was very satisfied with this marine incursion and would highly recommend Ocean Discovery Education.

Josie (Year 1 Teacher)
St Mary's Anglican Girls School

Charlotte presented a specialised session on sharks. She was very engaging and communicated her in-depth knowledge well.

I liked that Charlotte works with teachers to deliver a tailored, engaging incursion that is unique. It's great that students have the opportunity to observe and touch a variety of marine specimens.

Claudine (Year 11 Marine & Maritime Teacher)
Prendiville Catholic College

The entire Year 3 cohort became Ocean Trailblazer's after completing the 'Birth & Beyond' program on marine life cycles. Charlotte brought a diverse array of marine specimens, including sea stars, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, shells and shark jaws to educate about life cycles in a tangible and captivating way. This tactile approach enriched our students' scientific understanding and instilled an appreciation for marine conservation.

Georgia (Year 3 Teacher)
Bertram Primary School

Our toddlers, pre-kindy and kindy children really enjoyed this incursion. It was very engaging and hands-on. The children loved holding the sea stars, watching the crabs and touching the different textured shells.

It was pitched well for the age group, with a great range of resources!

Sarah (Kindy Teacher)
Cottesloe Kindergarten & Childcare

Many parents commented that they loved the level of detail in which their children recalled what they had learnt from Ocean Discovery Education.

Anonymous Kindy Teacher