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Rather than following fixed programs for secondary students, we have embraced a versatile approach. Inform us of your group’s individual preferences and requirements, and we will customise a session that precisely caters to their needs. Our expertise lies in complementing and consolidating your Science and Marine and Maritime Studies curricula. For a personalised consultation and to discuss your ideas further, please reach out to us directly.

A coral reef with a school of orange fish swimming around

Ocean Legend

All Ocean Legend programs for secondary students include a touch-and-feel session with the animals and artefacts, regardless of the program focus topic

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Ocean Discovery Education Reviews

My class was very engaged as Charlotte shared her in-depth knowledge about marine habitats for the 'Ocean Adventurers - Big Blue Sea' program. The children were able to touch and hold the sea animals, amazing shells, shark jaws and coral. I was very satisfied with this marine incursion and would highly recommend Ocean Discovery Education.

Josie (Year 1 Teacher)
St Mary's Anglican Girls School

Charlotte presented a specialised session on sharks. She was very engaging and communicated her in-depth knowledge well.

I liked that Charlotte works with teachers to deliver a tailored, engaging incursion that is unique. It's great that students have the opportunity to observe and touch a variety of marine specimens.

Claudine (Year 11 Marine & Maritime Teacher)
Prendiville Catholic College

The entire Year 3 cohort became Ocean Trailblazer's after completing the 'Birth & Beyond' program on marine life cycles. Charlotte brought a diverse array of marine specimens, including sea stars, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, shells and shark jaws to educate about life cycles in a tangible and captivating way. This tactile approach enriched our students' scientific understanding and instilled an appreciation for marine conservation.

Georgia (Year 3 Teacher)
Bertram Primary School

Our toddlers, pre-kindy and kindy children really enjoyed this incursion. It was very engaging and hands-on. The children loved holding the sea stars, watching the crabs and touching the different textured shells.

It was pitched well for the age group, with a great range of resources!

Sarah (Kindy Teacher)
Cottesloe Kindergarten & Childcare

Many parents commented that they loved the level of detail in which their children recalled what they had learnt from Ocean Discovery Education.

Anonymous Kindy Teacher